Wednesday 25 June 2014

Health+Care show, 2014: Showcasing the latest tools for NHS Health Check delivery at London's ExCeL centre

With the 2014 Health+Care show getting under way in London today, the country’s public health authorities are gathering to discuss the state of the nation’s health and the innovative ways in which the NHS is evolving to manage the £2 billion funding gap it’s faced with.

Health Diagnostics are present and amongst the show’s official top 20 ‘must see’ exhibitors. In addition to showcasing Health Options® – one of the leading risk assessment software programmes for NHS Health Checks – we’ll be taking delegates through some of the latest tools for delivering and managing the national programme.

Amongst the tools displayed on stand M40 will be the new 'call and recall' system that’s allowing public health leads to find, invite and deliver health checks to their target cohorts. Our secure data transfer module for returning patient data to any GP system will also be on show alongside a series of new health check training videos that we've produced with the help of our NHS and Local Authority partners.

With all the elements in place, Health Diagnostics’ system represents the complete solution for delivering health checks:

Identify and invite with 'call and recall'

As the first link in the chain of delivery, the call and recall module allows for targeted NHS Health Check invites to be sent to individuals. By sampling the population, the software can determine precisely those that are eligible and at risk, as well as generate tailored invites for the identified cohort.

Deliver a health check with Health Options® software

We’ll be taking delegates through the CVD risk assessment software that’s used by Local Authorities up and down the country. Having been designed with ease-of-use in mind, the software structures and supports the delivery of motivational consultations. With a range of additional functions for data management, the IT solution is both at the core of the data transfer process and the front-line of health check delivery.

Receive detailed public health analysis

We’ll be showing examples of our reports that provide commissioners with detailed analysis on local health trends and provider performance. Generated by analysing data that’s been securely sent to us over an encrypted network, these reports are there to help those in charge make fully informed decisions when shaping local public health policy.

Transfer data to any GP system

Returning data to any GP clinical system securely via the N3 network has, for a long time, been the holy grail of a complete ‘end-to-end’ delivery model. Health Diagnostics have responded to this need and will be taking delegates through the tool we’ve developed for transferring data back from service providers, to individual patient records.

Use the latest training resources

We've worked closely with our Local Authority and NHS partners to produce training videos demonstrating full consultations that adhere to best practice. In addition, a promotional video that can be used by providers in venues and online has been made freely available. These can be viewed here.

So if you're at the show today or tomorrow and are interested in how NHS Health Checks are being managed centrally and delivered locally, we'd love to have a chat. You'll find us at stand M40!